Gem Shot

Another shooting and puzzle game has arrived in this month's collection here at ABCya free game with a unique theme and rule - Gem Shot! You will participate in the work of gathering the gems from a scattered board filled with plenty. The best players will be the ones who manage to get ready and hit all these pop-up jewels on the targets.

There will be a different objective for each level, which means that you need to target the right color to make sure that your scores are the highest. It resembles the logic of the matching game, however, this time, the task of merging will be harder due to the number of colors available on the board. The more colors there are, the harder it is for you to match. Observe the placement of gems before making any move.

Similar to other matching games, aim for the longer string and try to add more than 3 pieces into the same group for clearing. Your final scores will be based on the combos that you gather as well as the time wasted. Don't let the chain of gems touch the border of the frame, whether it's the upper or lower border, or else the game will be over immediately. The goal is not only to gather scores by matching wisely but also to keep the string running for a long time!

Thanks to the addictive and colorful graphics, this game has been the favorite of lots of kids here at for quite some time. Would you like to try it out to see if you can crack the top Leaderboard for once? Conquer other jigsaws, puzzles, quizzes, and tough missions with more games like Bridge Build Puzzle anytime you like! Are you ready to tackle these tough yet rewarding puzzles?

Controls: Click to shoot at the