Glow Blast!

Set off the chain of reaction in this game of Glow Blast! where your brainstorming will be crucial to come up with the best way to solve the puzzles. Don't forget to understand and grasp the basics of the game before moving on to the harder levels. The gameplay is all about numbering and using the mechanism to set off the reaction between the nearby dots.

The ultimate goal in all stages of this ABCya 4 kid game is to burst all the dots on the screen. In order to do so, you need to understand how you can remove them. On each dot, there will be a number written on it to signify the number of moves required to burst it.

For example, you need two shots to clear a dot with the number 2 on it, while one is sufficient enough for a dot with the number 1. Eliminate them all using this rule and make sure that you use the least number of moves. Not only will you be able to emerge in simple yet entertaining gameplay but you can also experience the amazing neon-styled graphics and design. Get your mind blown with hours of free gameplay and have fun clearing these hundreds of levels.

The challenges get harder and harder, so make sure to upgrade and adapt to the changes. The number of dots as well as the number on the dots shall change depending on the difficulty levels of the given stages, therefore, you need to prepare for the worst scenarios! Crack more puzzles in other puzzle games such as Food Pusher Challenge from to enhance your problem-solving techniques while having fun!

Controlling keys:

Tap on any dot to make it explode and make the other dots explode in