Gothic New Era

Gothic New Era is the latest gaming selection for the fans of fashion and girl game genre here at ABCya 2022. The comeback of gothic styling has opened up a new era, and your job here is to create the most outstanding outfits with this theme! As your client, a goth girl is attending her new academy, help her out in this residence of chaos and mysterious puzzles. Participate and blend in with the kids using your main styling of gothic.

Your job will be to help this gothic princess update her wardrobe and coordinate the best outfits using the items there. Staying true to her vibe and style and using dark, gloomy shades for a perfect gothic style. You can go with a slight girly gothic vibe with dark dresses, frizzles, scrunchy details, and heels. Or you can choose to decorate the school uniforms and make them a bit edgier.

Let's start this fashion quest and help the lady to get her unique image to get more friend requests! Such a rebellious character with a unique style will change your experience with this girl fashion game collection for sure! Don't forget to apply good gothic-inspired makeup to fit the look, as well as get a suitable hairdo.

Tights, stockings, and derby shoes will be the soul of this gothic fashion, so make sure to combine them well. Can you finish off the look and compliment the image with the most suitable accessories? Gather your friends and family to share this game and dive into the free world of girly games like TicToc Dance! The list of the game at will increase constantly, so take your pick and enjoy it at your pace!

How to play: Use the mouse or touchpad to move the pieces and interact.