Hangman With Buddies

Have fun with this challenge which will take place in our online platform game of ABCya IO land where you can have fun competing against other players! It's a real-time online game from the word-guessing game that you can share with your friends. The basics of the game are simple enough for kids to participate in, however, you will need a good vocabulary and even some luck to successfully guess the hidden word in one go. The given word is so random that it can be any word with the given space. Follow the number of given spaces to know how many letters there are in the word, and pick the letters one by one.

It's an intuitive game where you have to try and guess the words quickly enough to prevent the stick man from falling into the river that is full of crocodiles. The more words you have, the more advantages you will gain while playing with your guessing skills. This game has two modes, a random match against online opponents or a private match for two friends on the same server. Hop into this fun casual game of puzzle and word guessing to see if you know many random words and can guess wisely!

The only clue is the number of letters, however, with good tactics, you can still guess better by ruling out the strange combination. Our recommendation is to start with vowels first before moving towards consonants to hit the given words better. On the Leaderboard at https://abcya4.net/, the best players are waiting for you to crack their records. Feel free to spread your game time with some other new games like Footix.io or PAPER.IO 2, all with cool graphics and great puzzle features!

Game controls: Use the pointer on PC and mobile to pick the letters.