Happy Garden

As summer has passed and winter is approaching soon, we need a new gardener who has the experience to cultivate and grow the prettiest crop possible in this game of Happy Garden, a new abcya girl game that is available for free on our website! Not only will you be able to enjoy the blooming flowers, vegetables, and delicious fruits but you will be able to learn the whole process of making them from scratch.

The skills of gardening of kids have developed through this simple game with lovely and vibrant graphics. It's your time to come and grow your favorite crops in a garden of your own! It's the hard business of gardening where the players have to show their consistency, endurance, and gardening skills for the best results. There will be different sections of your garden that need extra caring such as the Vegetable Garden, Flower Shop, Greenhouse, and even the Orchard. Garden Shed will be unlocked when you reach higher levels, but there're tons of surprises waiting for you there! When they are in full bloom and ready for collecting, remind yourself to go back and collect them. Also, this game from https://abcya4.net/ allows you to trade those fresh goods at the store and purchase new garden tools for better cultivation.

There will be some customers in the marketplace waiting to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from you, so do your best to take good care of your small lovely garden. Such a game with a vibrant color palette will attract kids of all ages and the simple tutorial will lead them well in the game, even for newcomers. Keep improving your skills of gardening and growing crops in more free games like Little Princess Lolita Style Makeover and Save The Girl 2!

How to play: Click the left button and drag the mouse cursor to interact and cultivate the garden.