Healing Rush

Play the role of the main doctor in this game of Healing Rush from the list of ABCya 4 kids online with the latest 3D graphics and the best of e interactive gameplay. You will participate in the rush hour working day of a huge hospital in town and help to save the injured patients! This is the most trusted place in the city so you will find plenty of patients visiting daily.

Each citizen that you conquer in this game has fallen ill to a disease or injury. Let's treat them all promptly and do our best in order to finish all the work in one day! If your goal is to build the biggest hospital in town, this will be your place to showcase your flexibility and talents! We will try to find the best doctor who can save all the patients as soon as possible and don't let anyone behind! First, put the patients on the crane or the bed before moving them to the main examining department.

There might be many complex and strange diseases, so be careful while carrying out this step. Once the problem is detected, move to the medicine section to grab the medicine which will be placed there automatically. Bring the medicine to the right patients so that you can cure them! The game has an amazing 3D graphic design that is so realistic that you will feel as if you are moving around a real hospital.

The character can be moved using both the keyboard and the joystick on the screen, however, we recommend the latter for better control. Let's roll up the sleeve and prepare to save lives in this game from https://abcya4.net/! Keep exploring more arcade and interactive games such as Exit Unblock Red Wood Block to make your gaming time better and better.


Use the mouse to control the joystick.