Hero 2 Super Kick

Hero 2 Super Kick is a new action and fighting game on Abcya4. Become a gigantic and strong freak. Smash any adversary with one blow. Utilize various kinds of assaults and watch the crushed adversaries disperse. Bounce starting with one structure then onto the next. Annihilate sharpshooters on the rooftops. Utilize all your strength to crush all foes!

There will be waves of enemies in each level that you have to punch and kick, you have to jump from buildings to find them and eliminate them all, and even take care of snipers on roofs that are shooting at you all the time. When you have defeated all the required targets, the level will have been cleared.

In addition, we also provide a variety of games similar to Castle of Magic and Gate Rusher Online. Invite friends to play with you and make many good memories during this time. 


Left Mouse Button - Punch

Right Mouse Button - Cotton

Press the mouse wheel - Circular kick

E - Kick leg

F - Grab the enemy

Left Mouse Button - Throw a Captured Enemy

Mouse - Look around

WASD - movement

Space - Jump

Shift - run