Jail Prison Break 2018

Be ready to the classic police chase game with Jail Prison Break 2018. The mission in this abcya 4 game is to help your friend escaping from Jail, who sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. Use the best strategy to overcome difficulties on the way to exit. Play the great survival game with an elaborated plan. This escape mission is a bigger test for your true friendship. Gather your strength and do whatever it helps to save your friend.

Breaking the chain and releasing a lockdown is not an easy task, be alert in every steps of action. Attack and kill the nasty police guards before they catch you. Try to move and hide without being detected. Collect the available things in the cells you go through and solve the mini puzzles to open locks and gather some money from other lockup rooms.

Help your friend run away from prison. He’s been wrongly sentenced to die and you need to help him. Use a good strategy to get through all of the obstacles and to reach the exit. Remember the famous TV series? We’ll the concept is similar. Be strong enough and get through all of the obstacles. Solve individual puzzles and and don’t let your friend down, he needs you more than ever! So as we’ve said earlier – solve puzzles, unlock locks, grab as much cash as you can and get the hell out of there!

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  • 3D prison escape game
  • 30 levels to play
  • Full-action gameplay
  • Many weapons to buy


  • Left click or left ctrl to attack
  • C to crouch
  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • H to heal
  • X to use shield