Kitten Hide And Seek

Such a lovely game like Kitten Hide And Seek with the best animation for kids of all ages will be your perfect next choice for a good time here at ABCya land! This is a new generation of hide-and-seek games for both boys and girls that you can get hooked on for hours on end! The little girl is trying to escape the capture of a giant cat. She can dodge and hide after these scattered props, but she needs your help to make sure that she will escape peacefully!

Get all the necessary props and help the girl escape successfully with her agility and skills. Avoid being captured at all costs. You need to choose the right timing to run forward and know when to hide after a certain object. It resembles the famous game from Korea: red light, green light, as you need to move once the cat doesn't notice you and stop once it starts scanning the place.

It's a funnier version with an adorable colorful setting and cute main character, as well as an equally appealing evil character! For any props that you won per stage, you can bring them to use and decorate your personal room in the game! The more levels you win, the more decoration pieces you will have! Could you beat all levels and win this game in record timing?

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How to play:

Hold or release the left button to make the character run or stop.