Street Mayhem - Beat Em Up

The main character is Edward - a visionary, a power-hungry top fighter who has decided to throw together a worldwide fighting tournament. Let's help him wipe out all of his enemies and get all the errands done in this ABCya fighting game of Street Mayhem - Beat Em Up! As he is a martial artist, the players need to understand his fighting skills in order to utilize them best.

Wrestling and kickboxing are the two most crucial and powerful techniques of his, so make sure to take advantage of them! If you are better with the sumo technique, choose Russel the sumo master as your avatar instead. Meanwhile, Jennifer - the only female fighter in the tournament will spice up the matches with her best visual design and ninja technique. When it comes to fast-hitting, she will easily claim the winning spot.

This tournament will include many matches with different opponents, as well as different quests. Choose your main character wisely to win each match fast and avoid struggling with bad guys and mutants from different lands. This amazing storyline for a fighting game will take place in many locations of Dark City, Forest, City Town, and the ultimate Castle in the final rounds.

The players who win three matches first shall be proclaimed as the final winner. Feel free to choose between the two-player mode or a random mode where you get paired up with any random player online. From, a bunch of games like Mini Clash War Z or Zombie Catcher Online will give you the best entertainment time thanks to the high-quality graphic design and the trendiest gameplay you can find online.


Use WASD and arrow keys to control player 1, the spacebar to attack, and F and G keys to defend.

Player 2 moves using the L key to jump, P and O key to attack.