Zombie Catcher Online

Zombie Catchers is an action adventure game in a world riddled by a zombie invasion, the players will be joining the little alien in a specialized mission to not only remove but also capture all zombies scattered around the map. Because they have all escaped from the hidden lab, we need a hero to capture all of them while getting them back to the cage before any manage to escape.

 Your job is to travel across many worlds while finding a way to hunt down the zombies with your weapon. In order to bring back the peace to the city, make sure to wipe them out within the given time range. Don't get hit by any zombies or else your turn will be over. Some options for you to select are the cannon, jetpack, and anything that makes it easier for you to clear them off.

As the goal is to reach the pace of the zombies, you need to be fast and keep the zombies inside the shooting range. This shall maximize the damage range and help you collect coins to upgrade your skills. There will be more than just one game mode that you can explore. Feel free to update the statistics such as the gun speed, jetpack speed, reload time, and running speed to make the hero move efficiently.

Don't forget to throw the brains and hit them! This game will test both your flexibility and speed when it comes to a fast-paced game online. Enjoy these amazing graphics of an intense zombies invasion with tons of worlds in HD! Our new game list at ABCya games will be welcoming you with more fun choices such as Mini Clash War Z!

How to play:

Move forward and move back using the arrow keys.

Shoot using the spacebar.

Play using the touchpad for tablets or mobile users.