Mini Clash War Z

Mini Clash War Z is a fun and action game of strategies that puts you in charge of a small army. In front of you on the screen you will see the location in which the enemy units will be located. Your soldiers will be at a certain distance from them. You will need to carefully study the situation. Now use a special control panel to send a squad of your soldiers into battle. Choose to attack a weaker enemy unit. Your soldiers entering the battle will destroy the enemy and you will be given points for this. With these points, you can recruit new soldiers into your army, as well as buy new types of weapons and ammunition for them.

The goal of the game is to complete each stage in a strategic conflict, moving your forces to arrive with the number of soldiers required to take the enemy base. Decide your moves by adding the total number of soldiers in each movement to remove soldiers positioned at various spots around your base.

If you are looking for a game both entertaining and challenging, this is a must-play option that you shouldn’t miss. Enjoy the game and explore more interesting games on our site such as Supernoob Prison Easter and Foxy Land 2.


Use the right mouse Right click to play and control your soldiers. On mobile devices touch the screen and the UI buttons of the game.