Hyper Racing Madness

Any journey will bring a different experience and a unique challenging theme. A new gaming selection from the collection of ABCya game 4 kids called Hyper Racing Madness will bring you on a new journey filled with intense races, hyper sports cars, and the best upgrades you have ever seen in car games! You will take over the role of the main driver for this vehicle and participate in multiple races taking place in different locations, and sceneries, and with unique rules.

Learn how to maneuver and drive the top sports cars from multiple top-notch car companies in all races! There will be a wide range of cars for you to pick from. The range varies from an entry-level car to a costly supercar like the Lamborghini. As the game takes place in a 3D graphic design platform, be prepared to go head to head with the CPU - the machine with the best artificial calculation.

How long will it take for you to beat the machine and conquer the objective of this game? The top players shall be able to easily obtain 3 stars in any level they participate in, regardless of the difficulty levels. Over the course of the game, new car models, race tracks, maps, and updates will be unlocked one by one. Two modes of 1-player and duo-player will keep you entertained as you can freely share it with another friend on the same server.

Let's start rocking the maps of the Rural, Arctic, Desert, Urban, or ride on the Moon! Which of the 5 classic modes will you pick first here in https://abcya4.net/ ? The Classic mode requires the racers to cross the finish line first, while the Escape mode is all about finishing the laps before your time runs out. Explore the mix of modes too with other games like Traffic Tour!


Player 1 uses arrow keys to drive, Enter key to reset position.

Player 2 uses WASD keys to drive, a Tab key to reset.