Lows Adventure

Conquer this huge platform in which your talent of jumping, dodging will be tested in a fast-paced ABCya4 gaming session of 32 levels. You’ll guide the little character with the name of Low and make sure that he can go as far as possible in this tunnel-like platform. There's only one way out of each stage, so make sure that you can overcome the obstacles to reach that pipeline in time. On each level, if you are looking for the shortest path to reach the main goal of collecting three coins, the answer might be to simply follow the guided path.

Move from one place to another using the route that is safe, avoid the holes, gaps and jump over the firing pit and such. Once the trophy per level is unlocked, you are allowed to take a shot at the higher and more difficult level. Pay attention to some hidden blocks or boxes as they can contain a hidden star. Three stars will not reveal themselves all the time, so if you want to set a high score with the maximum record, keep an eye out for these hidden features of the game as well.

From the new collection of games in https://abcya4.net/, we guarantee a high-quality design with fun background music to resemble the experience with the classic Mario game. Our beloved players can look forward to an amazing game time with twists and tough tricks that only a quick-witted one can solve before the stars disappear! Come to the website and take a shot with more free games that are available online to avoid any nuisance of having to go out, such as Gunner Runner and Pokey Woman

How to control the character in Lows Adventure: Move to the left and the right using A, D keys, jump using W key.