Mini Coins

Mini Coins is not only a thrilling sensation when it comes to rolling down the platform filled with coins and valuable items but it's also an amazing relaxing choice for your gaming time here at ABCya land. Keep the streak going by gathering all the coins on the route without missing out on anything! The final goal of this game is to jump over the stage without colliding with objects or hitting any enemy.

Do your best to learn the method to efficiently evade multiple obstacles scattered in different positions, as well as unexpected appearances of enemies. The game focuses on the task of moving down the platform, collecting coins falling on the ground, and dodging unnecessary items. It's the perfect chance for the players, whether newbies or advanced players, can demonstrate their adaptability and maneuvering skills.

As the game comes in two modes, feel free to explore each and gain high scores on both. You need to quickly collect coins on the speedrun mode without stopping because there's a time limit. On normal mode, since the time pressure is lessened, you can focus on perfecting your skills and movement a bit more. Do you know that this game from has both versions for PC and mobile?

Go ahead and pick your desired device to enjoy the game anytime you want. The control on mobiles and tablets is simpler, however, pay attention to the tutorial to grasp the basic control of a PC with more keys. Dashing down the lane is not hard, but keeping your stack of coins intact will be another problem. Continue to dive into a more 3D-graphic journey in the games such as Soul Hunter when you have free time later!

Controlling keys:

Use the C key, Up arrow, or left mouse button to jump.