City Driver Steal Cars

City Driver Steal Cars - the new ABCya4 car game brings the huge virtual open world to the best players in the platform of 3D graphics. You will do the work of managing your character and make sure that the car doesn't steer off the track. What you will do in this game is to explore the streets and the city which is filled with crowded traffics. Steal cars lying around on the path and take them to your store to fix and resell!

This is the new 3D gaming with a first-person point-of-view, which brings such a realistic graphic design and experience for the fans of car-related games. Once you have managed to hitch a car, start to move along the pavement and the streets, perform the best drifts, and don't forget to crash into other cars for more coins! Moreover, if any daring players can steal police cars, they can get huge bonuses and become the grand auto thief! Controlling the movement of running, driving, drifting and the handbrake will be the key elements to winning this intense race.

Among the rankings and the Leaderboard here at, which rank will you be on? Using the nitro boost at the perfect timing will keep your vehicles at the top of the race and get new momentum for speeding up. Go on all the races in this game and learn how you can control and manage different types of layout. The maps will keep changing with more obstacles and competitive opponents, so hit it and showcase your driving talent now! Feel free to dive into the car category with some famous options like Rac Simulator and Moto X3M Pool Party, all available without any cost!

How to play: Use WSAD to move and drive the car, spacebar to brake, C to change the view of the camera, shift key to use nitro boost.