Mod Among Us for Minecraft

Among Us is a very popular game, and if you have not played, we recommend that you do it now – the mod and Minecraft for Android will wait. Of course not. Better to play Mine, especially when there are such usable modifications.

Among Us implements crew members and impostors – mobs from the game of the same name. Your task is to find the impostor and kill him in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Otherwise, he will do it to you – they are very aggressive.

Play among us mod for Minecraft at abcya 4 grade. Build your own world where only you make the rools. Enjoying the grate game among us. Love destroying your friendships as well as others but also love the blocky world of Minecraft. Well here is the world of among us in Minecraft for all you amazing gamers to play.


LMB - destroy block

RMB - build block

I - inventory

1-4 - choose block to build

P - pause

L - show/hide cursor

H - show/hide FAQ.

Lool for:Mine Tap or Crafttower.