Ninja Robo Hero

Get your gears ready and tackle this long-term adventure here at Ninja Robo Hero - a new gaming selection with a variety of robot types for you to freely explore. The scenario of this ABCya fighting game takes place in a time when the enemies have invaded the city. Your job on this quest is to pick your unique robot, start the customization, and join different matches to conquer all the available competitors.

There will be various matches, each against a different fighter. In order to keep the highest record on the board, utilize your given gears, and updates, and purchase more using the won coins. As the matches vary in terms of requirements and enemies' techniques, we recommend that you adjust your skill set to accommodate each stage. Feel free to learn the gaming tips from other choices like Stickman Planks Fall or Blue Vs Red!, all available with similar themes and gameplay at so that the fans of fighting games can roam the list.

Enjoy the cool animation with vibrant-styled matches and a variety of updates for you to explore! Give yourself some time to get used to the tutorial and basic setup of the game before hitting the tough matches against other players. Conquer your list before moving toward high-ranking opponents to claim the final victory title!

If you have fully understood the theme, you can start any fight against these SuperHero robots and showcase your talents in terms of fighting techniques to the world! It's all about controlling the coordination of hands, legs, and eyes to catch up with the other side of the arena. Learn how to throw the strongest punches or hits possible and don't forget that you can assemble different pieces to customize your robots.

Controlling keys:

Move with WASD or arrow keys, hit with the spacebar,

use special hits with HJKL keys, and interact using the left mouse.