Noob Ninja Guardian

Noob Ninja Guardian is an insanely addicting game that will keep you hooked right after a few seconds. In the latest addition at, you play as a ninja and a guardian of a dojo. Now, this dojo is under the attack of waves of bad guys. They will dominate the dojo if you don’t stop them. Get ready and use your ninja skills to defeat them before they enter the gate of the dojo.

Basically, this is an endless battle. It just ends when an enemy runs through the gate of the dojo. You start the game with a ninja who has normal skills. You have to move around and kill every single enemy. You don’t have time to rest at all because when a wave of enemies is killed, another one appears and the next waves of enemies are stronger and faster than the previous ones.

Speed is everything here. You have to take action as fast as you can because enemies won’t stay still and wait for you to eliminate them. They will flood your dojo whenever they have a chance. Here at action free game, it seems that your very first ninja can deal with enemies. However, over time, he can’t handle them.

That’s why you should unlock new ninjas with the coins you get when killing enemies. The new ninjas own special skills that give you advantages such as extra 1 life, faster speed, more gold appearing, an extra 1 life, and so on. So stop the enemies and don’t let them pass the gate. You can do it. Let’s challenge yourself with new missions in other games such as Ball Stack 3D and Trapped In Hell: Murder House.

How to play: Mouse.