Ninja vs Slime

Online game with lots of new things about the shooting. Ready to join the online game Ninja vs Slime at abcya 4 games. You will be able to become the shooting hero. Accept all the novel quests of this game. Catching up with challenges is fun. You will love it the first time you play it. Would you like to get started now! We will look for the rules of this game. Look for a lot of the uniqueness of this game. Ninja vs Slime is a casual game where you need to destroy the slime that is coming to you. Throw ninja stars at your opponent.

Stars will bounce off the slime and create grooves so you can destroy multiple slimes at once. But the slime has more lives. some have 20, 30, or more. Therefore, you need to be very precise in throwing and destroying the slimes that are closer to you so that they don't destroy you. You will choose high number symbols to shoot because then more stars will be created and your chances of winning will be higher. Do you understand the rules? Just be watching. The icons will gradually go down. You will find it different if you look for the stars below. And the Ninjas will collect the star symbols to keep firing at them.

The more you shoot, the higher the victory level. Do not let those symbols have a chance to go deeper down. Did you remember that? We will start. Vivid graphic design, you will feel great. You will listen to great fidelity shot noises. Enjoy the fun of playing the online game Ninja vs Slime at If you love this game you will have the opportunity to discover some other games similar to Jumping Dot Colors and Flowers Blocks Collapse

Play as How: Use mouse to play.