Jumping Dot Colors

Controlling the balls in Jumping Dot Colors and making them move through the correct platforms in this ABCya 4 hot game at the same time is no easy feat. It takes serious focus and good technique to control a constantly-moving ball while being under the pressure of time. As you start the game, you will find that many colorful dots or balls show up on the screen.

The balls will automatically bounce off any obstacles or items that come into contact with it, however, the direction and the bounce force are decided by you! There will be poles with different gaps of separated colors. For every click that you make, the ball will bounce up for a few seconds. You will need to keep the ball on air and check out the position of the gaps as well.

To safely bypass one pole, the ball needs to bounce through the gap with the correct color that matches its color. In case you choose the wrong colored gap, the ball will fall to the ground and the game is over immediately. You should try your best to hold the ball on air for as long as possible as this is the crucial element contributing to your long playing time of this game.

The barriers change throughout the game as there will be more gaps with different colored sections that appear faster. The hard part is that the dot will change its color unexpectedly before the poles show up, therefore you need to change the movement or the direction quickly to suit the color in time. It's one of the fast-paced gaming selections for free from the list of games at https://abcya4.net/, along with tons of other good games like Flowers Blocks Collapse and Scrape And Guess

How to play: Click or tap on the screen to bounce the ball.