Numbers Crossed

Numbers Crossed - the new ABCya 4 kid game brings a strange combination of a crossword game and a mind puzzle to test your adapt skills when it comes to such a hybrid genre. The way to win this game is to use the given numbers and put them on the board to suit the requirement. It's quite simple at first, however, the increasing difficulty will test your ability later on with harder stages.

As it bears the same gameplay as crosswords, you need to place the number on the grid to suit the required order of making the strings of numbers. The next string of numbers should have the same first number as the previous string. Instead of puzzling words, you will be puzzling numbers in this cool-themed game! Understanding the rules will be the first step for you to reach the goal of acing it.

Learn how to crack these numerous challenges and use the skills to brainstorm the best order for these chains of numbers. Such an addictive game will be available for you to explore in a daily challenge with 6-packed levels, expanding to a total of more than 200 levels. Keep your game going strong and conquer all the possible levels in this fun puzzle game from!

A tip for newbies is to keep an eye on the last and first numbers of each string to figure out the perfect spot to match. Make sure to use different numbers to your advantage and be creative with your solutions to different problems! Let's see if your intelligence is enough to crack these harder puzzle games like Jumpy!, each with a unique rule set, different layout, and formidable board!

Instruction keys:

Click and use the left mouse cursor to move the number strings.