Om Nom Bounce

As Spider Wizard has captured the friends of Om Nom again, we need your help again in this new version of the famous game series with Om Nom from Cut The Rope! There will be some usual characters for you to have fun with in Om Nom Bounce, such as the basic spider that can deal damage or a boss spider with a higher damage range. Om Nom can shoot candy projectiles as it's his specialty, so utilize this ability wisely.

All you need is a good aiming and perfect direction choice before releasing the mouse and trying to hit the enemies. As our little green friend rolled into this new adventure on his own, he shall be facing some fierce enemies and spidy bosses with higher damage range and more threatening skills. Do your best to use your limited chances and shoot the candy right at them.

The higher precision your shots are, the more chances you have to clear off all the spiders at once! Once you learn the basics of the game, start moving around and proceeding through harder levels. It's time for you to shoot and bounce your way through a total of 40 challenging levels while exploring these 4 different environments. Enjoy playing this game here at ABCya 4th!

Each one of them has a different layout and unique obstacle scattering, so try to adapt as fast as possible to come up with the right escape route. Keep in mind that upgrading your abilities along the way will be crucial to advancing and defeating even the toughest bosses! Use the dotted line to get your aiming easier and more precise. How about taking the time to unlock other games like Bee Careful from

Controlling keys:

Click the left mouse button and hold to aim. Release to shoot.