Red and Blue Cats

Red and Blue Cats is new action game for kids, you can play this games for free online free. Join and help two alien cats, red and blue, in their spaceship adventure. Do not forget that there are terrible monsters on the ship, they can eat you at any time. You have to survive on this ship full of traps. You are two cats, red and blue. You and your friend have to help the cats get the key and reach the door. collect diamonds and increase your score.

At any time, they are ready to go on a new journey. The kittens are waiting for a dizzying adventure, where they will get into a great dungeon. In search of something tasty, cats found themselves at the entrance to the basement, which led them to this mysterious place. Want to know what adventures are waiting for your friends? Welcome to the game! Here, you can play both cats on your own or invite a friend and arrange a game for two players. The second option is better because together it is always more fun.

With simple gameplay and controls, every player who comes to our site can enjoy this game without any trouble, even kids. If you want to experience such a cool game like this, here are 2 options for you:  Eliatopia and Bowarcher Tower Attack.  Have a great time!


*Move to WASD + Arrow Keys

*Double Jump available

*Mobile Touch Control