Open Restaurant

Open Restaurant has attracted girls and boys of all ages who love to become the manager to run their own some days. It's not easy because you have to take care of the customers, the food, the time, and all other elements that affect the results. This abcya4 game comes with an open restaurant in an almost 3D setting that makes the experience very free and enjoyable. You will tend to get the customers from the minute they show up at the door to the minute that they leave. It's best to manage your restaurant by doing the tasks one by one, ranging from attending to customers, getting them a table, capacity management, cooking, and serving food.

The time for each stage is limited, therefore, we recommend getting the food for each table before bringing new customers in. Will you be able to collect the cash and move on to the next level as fast as possible? There are chances to earn maximum money and extend your place by selecting the right table and right action with your excellent time management technique! Tap the menu to select which table to serve and choose the customers. Once you know what they want, start tapping on the kitchen stall and get some food. Serve the right dish to the suitable customers or else they will get mad, which leads to the fact that you can't get good reviews!

The rest will be to receive the payment in cash left on the table. Make sure that you clean the table as well to make room for new customers going in. Once the daylight target for each day is hit, you can get some rest before going on another day of work with a huge profit! Come to enjoy more restaurant work with other games such as Penguin Diner and Oomee Cake from for free!

Instructions: Click to interact with the customers.