Panda Hero Fighter

Is this a great place to experience spacecraft with pandas in space? It's great if you challenge yourself to a very new game Panda Hero Fighter at Start right now. You can rediscover the game online for free in your browsers. You will accompany a panda on a spaceship. Your mission is to fly and use your aircraft to be able to shoot and destroy the other opponents. The game will give you a unique action experience.

Can you deal with different missions, different planes, bosses, enemies, towers, bombs, and many other enemies? Collect stars and improve your plane. Note that there are tons of different opponents around you and they are challenging you as well as intended to destroy you. You need to watch and be quick to shoot them as quickly as possible. More than that there will be offices filled with grenades dropped.

You need to dodge those grenades. If you are unlucky to touch them you will have to stop the game. Let's explore and experience yourself with these formidable opponents. And give me the victory and become a leader in this race. Fly and enjoy what the game has to offer. Do you find yourself relaxing? More fun with the game Panda Hero Fighter at ABCya4 games such an engaging game you should share your friends and invite your friends to join the game today for a chance to become the best Fighting pandas ever now. If you like this game genre, let's challenge to discover some other interesting game genres chubby Boy Run and The Most Wanted Bandito 2

Control: Use the mouse to control your plane.