Parking Boats At Sea

How can you free the paths so that all ships in this game of Parking Boats At Sea at ABCya land can move freely? If you love the brain-wrecking puzzles and jigsaws that require a bit of thinking, this new game from our website will be the perfect option for your gaming time today! The goal of all stages in this game is to safely bring the ships to the final deck without leaving any behind.

You can move the ships on the square board one by one so that yours can have a clear path to safely sail to the right point! To complete the levels, the kids will be required to remove other boats from the path of the main boat. This action will allow it to freely advance on the sea. When it leaves the pier, your mission is completed. It's a new level of sea battle on a different platform embedded with beautiful graphics and simple controls, yet hard-to-master gameplay overall.

Start taking control of the ship one by one and move them out of the way. First, you need to observe the current layout as well as the placement of the ships on the board to make sure that your strategy or tactics are suitable. Move them one by one, starting from the ones on the borders first so that you can succeed in clearing out the path that leads out of the square board.

Only the smartest players can claim the top positions and rankings on this game's Leaderboard and defeat other players' scores without failing a single stage. Keep your eyes on the board and your mind on the game to conquer even the toughest levels! The faster you crack the higher levels, the higher your scores will be. Feel free to dive into other gaming selections such as Risky Train Crossing to spice up your entertainment time with!


Click to move the ships.