Bricks Blocks

Bricks Blocks is one of the new games at This is a fun addictive super-strategy puzzle game. Drag these blocks into empty cells to clear rows and columns in the grid. You need to arrange them logically to score points. Don't fill empty cells without making rows disappear. If you have no more space to join the game, it will be over. How far can you go in this challenging puzzle game?

Try to find enough positions for all these blocks while you line up to make them disappear. Many players have achieved the highest score when participating in this game. After you run out of seats, the game is over. Drag these blocks into empty cells to clear rows and columns in the grid. Try to find the best arrangement for your wonderful journey. Any player wants to join this game. You will find interesting content that is different from other games you are used to at ABCya 4. Fill in the gaps horizontally or vertically and score the highest score in the journey you take in this game.

Our latest online games have captivated gamers all over the world. No matter what age you are, you have the opportunity to choose the game and relax. What is the highest score you achieved? Each player has tips on how to play the game and move the blocks to different positions. Win our list of online games any time you have the time. Save winning moments to share with your other friends. Some similar games that you can't miss are Hidden Objects Hello USA and Which Insect Looks Different

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to drag the pictures on the left to the right box and complete the task.