Aquatic Word Search

Aquatic Word Search is the newly added gaming option from the list of with the aim to test both your ability to expand your vocabulary and also your skills of spotting the right words. In this huge puzzle board that is filled with a variety of words, you need to observe and find the right word as fast as possible. The list of words shown on the right side of the screen will display and let you know which to look for.

The words might be in a straight line of blocks in different directions, ranging from horizontal to vertical and diagonal. The direction might be ordinary or reverse, so do your best to look at them all. Once you have managed to find a word that matched the required list, start pressing the first letter's block and move until you reach the last alphabet of the word. Make sure that the words displayed will help you to complete the level.

The faster you conquer one stage, the better your result will be. Keep an eye on the recorded scores on the panel as well. This score will determine your position on the Leaderboard, therefore, it's worth noting. If you are a newbie and haven't gotten used to the task of searching for random words, you can start from the top to the bottom of the list.

This method will help you locate some words faster rather than a random choice. Do you know that our ABCya game list has tons of similar games with the same genre such as Kitten Hide And Seek or Hidden Birds? You will have a blast trying to solve the toughest quizzes, more jigsaws, and challenging puzzles for sure. Visit other games and spread the fun spirit to your friends now!

Controls: Click and move the mouse to choose the words.