Pecel Skipper

Feel free to hop into the kitchen here at Pecel Skipper where you can channel your inner chef and learn how to cook the most addicting dishes for customers who enjoy the Indonesian cuisine. Not only will you be in charge of this fast-paced restaurant from ABCya but you are also the main chef who cook the dishes. Challenging as it might sound, you will learn tons of skills for managing a restaurant on your own, monitoring the staffs, cooking the dishes, and coming up with new recipe if you still have time!

Pecel is famously known as one of the most typical Indonesian foods that are loved by lots of people. Prepare the food according to the given recipe without any mistake. Once a dish is ready, you need to quickly serve it to the hungry customers. The longer they have to wait, the more likely they will leave, therefore, do your best to keep the food flow and serve the best dishes only.

If you can get more and more 5 star rating from the customers, you can gain coins to upgrade the machines, tools, and rebuild the whoe restaurant! Once you have taken the order, check it carefully to prepare food according to the customer's requirements. Clear all the current orders before moving onto the next one. Gaining more coins are crucial for upgrading the restaurants in this game from

Time is also of the essence as it affects the customer's rating for you, therefore, keep a steady pace and continue with serving more new customers! Spice up your gaming experience with more new games such as Cooking Korean Lesson to enjoy a great day off or a relaxing time after long day at school. Share the fun and discover tons of new genres for kids of all ages too!

Controls: Use the mouse to play.