Penguins Jump Escape

Adventure games like Penguins Jump Escape will be thrilling choices with great graphics and vibrant design for kids of all ages! You get this chance to hop on a new journey with this blue penguin in this ABCya fun game online! Search for the valuable gems, dodge the sharp spikes and blocks, and jump on the higher platform to explore the unlocked blocks!

There are a lot of unexpected gifts, challenges, and new friends in this game waiting for the brave players. There is a lot to explore as it's an endless game. All you need to do is to keep the penguin alive while using the limited heart power. For each time that you touch the spikes or fall from the high blocks, the energy will be deducted a bit.

Make sure to absorb more valuable food to replenish the energy that will keep you alive for more time in the game. There will be a distance bar to keep track of how far you have managed to reach with an indicator of the meter number. Keep going further and further while maintaining a good balance as well as the best track record. The higher your scores are, the more rewards you will get, but keep an eye on the remaining energy to keep your progress longer.

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Controls: Click on the screen to make the penguin jump.