Jimmy Bubblegum

Tug on the bubblegum balloon that will take the main character in this new ABCya fun game: Jimmy Bubblegum to fly higher to the sky! If you are ready to explore the sky with tons of enemies and strange items, join this game of Jimmy Bubblegum to have fun! Not only is this a quick and stylish game of shooting, but it also has a lot of twists and new challenges when you reach higher stages in the game!

The players will follow little Jimmy when he starts his journey up the sky after blowing a bubble. The bubble was so huge that it lifts him into the air with no stopping. How can you keep him safe while launching on-air and avoid the slew of enemies trying to pop his balloon? Some animals and characters will come near your position with the special balloon tied to the spikes, which is dangerous to yours.

Help the guy stay stable while being swung around in this silly shooting game! You can hit the other enemies using the gained eggs and by shooting with perfect momentum. Choose the direction to toss the eggs up and it shall fall on your targets if you managed to aim correctly. However, you can only use the eggs that you gathered, therefore, keep moving and grab more floating eggs that are scattered near your location.

There will be detailed in-game tutorials to help the newbies get used to this fun game in no time! The tip to control the movement of Jimmy more swiftly is to memorize the hotkeys, which can also be mapped using the menu of the gameplay. Make sure that you memorize the controlling keys before hitting the game at https://abcya4.net/! Other free games like Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter will be the choices that you can also participate in with no interruption!


Aim, move, and shoot using the mouse.

Press the P key to pause.