Pick And Match

Are you on a search for a newly-updated game of puzzles that still contains a simple rule? Pick on the simplest details and gaming mechanism of this ABCya new game: Pick & Match to enjoy during the short break! It's all about using natural memory to pick, match, and complete these matches by opening pairs of cards. The goal is to look for pairs with identical animal faces imprinted on them.

By flipping the cards over one by one, you get to know which one is placed under each tile. However, after flipping two cards over, they will be automatically redone to keep you from memorizing. This game comes with a time limit, which means that if you fail to match all cards by the time runs out, the game is over. The difficulty level will rise throughout the levels, with intensity and a competitive spirit for kids of all ages!

Let's complete the most levels so that you can gain more and more rewards with valuable coins. Do you know that you can purchase system support, boosters, and bonuses using your gained coins? Focus on memorizing the cards that have been flipped over to keep track of their positions. The rest is up to your luck! If you are super lucky, you might be able to catch a pair on your first trial!

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Game controls:

Use the mouse cursor to pick and flip the cards over.