Stumble Boys Sliding Puzzle

Get your record to the top of the Leaderboard here at ABCya's new game: Stumble Boys Sliding Puzzle - a series of more than twelve options for puzzle frames that you can enjoy with no worries on restriction or fee. Not only will this be a good choice for the kids to emerge in a new brain game but it's also a widely accepted relaxation game. The players will assemble the pieces that make all 12 frames, one by one.

The final objective of the game is to recreate the original frames for all puzzles available without a single piece missing. As soon as you clear an image, the next one will be unlocked and prepared for you to continue on this journey. Explore the differences in themes, and arrangement styles, as well as the pictures imprinted on each level's board.

A limited time frame is given per stage, therefore, don't waste any second and pick the correct place at the first trial. Keep advancing to explore higher stages with fewer seconds to waste and more complicated frames to complete. Changing the parts from one position to another is easy thanks to the user-friendly control key set, which allows kids of all ages to quickly adapt to the game setting.

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Controlling keys:

Click and drag the left mouse cursor or use the touchpad to move the puzzle pieces accordingly.