Pocket Zone

If you enjoy a bit of exploration with the vast area of Pocket Zone - our latest gaming selection of ABCya online, join the fun now! It's a huge world where nuclear power plant has exploded. The work of conquering this post-apocalypse land will be a thrilling journey for sure! If you want to get away from the boring usual arcade game, this setting of megacities and the virtual deserts of the earth will capture your attention.

The key element of this game will be to survive the others using your RPG component. You will emerge in this realistic experience with a complex and well-thought-out mining system without a dime! There are plenty of options regarding weapons. This range is filled with more than 100 different types of weapons, ranging from armor, helmets, guns, and mythical items will be at your disposal.

Pick the ones that suit each mission and calculate the best timing to switch back and forth between them all! Can you survive and get rich from these limited resources? Roam the area to search for any component that is worth gathering. Once you are strong enough, you can utilize your infrastructure to defeat enemies with self-assembling items and pieces. How good are your adaptive skills when it comes to the newly added gaming session or challenge in this game?

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Controlling keys:

Use the left mouse click to control and move.

Interact with game elements using the mouse or touchpad.