Push Puzzle Rescue Adventure

Get your hands on the rescue center here at Push Puzzle Rescue Adventure from ABCya online games where you can save more animals and treat them well! This interactive game comes with easy gameplay that kids of all ages can learn to enjoy quickly. You will try to complete the will of the owner, which is to bring as many pets and animals to the center as possible. Are you ready to embark on this journey and save these injured animals?

Complete all the puzzles and jigsaws by pushing the buttons, moving the pieces, and trying to slide and clear off the objects. The final objective of all stages will be to find a way for solving the puzzles. The more adorable creatures you manage to rescue, the higher your scores will be. Due to their positions being so random and scattered around, the players will have to search for the fastest route through these blockages and bring them to the care center!

Some main moves in this game will be pushing, sliding, destroying objects, collecting keys, unlock doors. More and more animals will show up once you have completed the lower-ranked levels. Keep an eye on the curated albums - these are the special prizes for the high score players with special stickers. Feel free to reset the levels in case you get stuck because the game doesn't limit the number of trials.

Are you prepared to ace this game of puzzling and jigsaw matching from https://abcya4.net/? Make sure to search all nooks and crannies to locate the path to the key which you can utilize for door opening, however, steer clear of the ground vines. Can you use the least number of moves possible? Dive into other quizzes and puzzle games such as Great Air BattleFoxy Land 2 for free!

Game controls:

Use arrows or mouse cursor to click and move the objects.