is the adventure MMO RPG game that you can play here on abcya 2 games online. You will get opportunity to explore a mini world filled with dangerous monsters. Your task is to find the weapons to kill dangerous monsters. Please get the fame for defeating higher level monsters and rule the leaderboards. 

Here at , you will start your journey as an ordinary everyday person but you will quickly progress and become stronger with each monster that you defeat. Registration in the game is automatic, so you can save your progress. Kill the monsters and level up the levels to get XP and become stronger. Look for food and fight with monsters in the new mini mmo rpg, multiplayer game Relmz io, World Of Warcraft style with great 3D graphic. 

On you travels you can collect gold and valuable items that can be used to exchange for power ups for character. Continue to defeat as many monsters as you can and become stronger and stronger until you are the most powerful being in the land. Your name will raise to fame and everyone will know who you are! Have fun and good luck!

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Hold right mouse button to rotate the camera

Press left mouse button to move/interact

Press E to access inventory

Use mouse scroll to zoom-in/out