Square Monsters

Square Monsters - the new ABCya 4 arcade game will easily be your next favorite option thanks to the fun gameplay, exquisite design with the pixelated theme, and the cutest characters of square monsters. A total of 24 levels are ready for you to explore and demonstrate your outstanding problem-solving skills. There are two square monsters on each level who need your help escaping the maze.

An escaping portal is placed at a different position inside each maze. You will need to complete the task of finding it as well as guiding the two monsters to the portal. Only when both monsters have crossed through the portal will you be able to clear off that level and move on to the next one. Mind-blowing challenges are waiting for you in the next stages, so learn to adapt to the changing setting as well as the platform to keep the highest scores on the Leaderboard.

As the square monsters move simultaneously and there's no way to control them separately, you will need to consider all the obstacles, monsters, and traps on both sides of the screen when you decide to move any of the monsters. Do your best to keep both safe while reaching for the portal that leads to the next stage.

The task of leveling up is no easy feat as the number of challenges and obstacles will increase significantly when you reach higher platforms. Keep your focus and make sure to adapt to new quests here at https://abcya4.net/ with the goal to reset the Leaderboard with your new records! Let's check out other game genres with some popular options like HidJigs Hello Summer later!


Use the right or left arrows to move.

Move all monsters to the portal to level up.

Use the space or up arrow to jump.