Racing Pic Pasting

Racing Pic Pasting is a simple and basic puzzle game from ABCya 4th in which the kids learn how to arrange the missing pieces into a photo. There are holes with different shapes and frames that need filling. The layout and positions of them change depending on the picture of each stage, therefore, we need the players to adapt quickly and learn how to put the pieces to the right spots quickly.

Not only is it a cool puzzle game where the kids learn the primitive shape jigsaw mechanism that will benefit other challenges in the future but it's also a fun theme for them to explore. How can you go through all the levels while there's a time limit for each one? When you start each stage, the clock shall start counting down until 1 minute ends. That's all the time that you get for arranging the pieces. Keep in mind that the higher the levels, the more pieces there will be.

As you paste the missing pieces of a photo, make sure to consider not only the shape but also the image it contains to complete it. The controlling keys of this game are also quite easy as all you need to do is to drag the pieces from the downward panel, choose the most-fit blocks and drop them where they best lay.

Continue with the same theme and practice until you get it right! Even newbies can get through the few first levels with no boundaries or too many hardships. We have a lot of new games filled with various genres, storylines, quizzes, and characters that you will find interesting, so don't hesitate to keep on exploring using the free games like Fruit Lines and Star Beacons!

Controls: Click and drag the mouse to the move and arrange the puzzle pieces.