Tavern Master

Tavern Master will be focused on the work of creating your business from scratch from the era of a medieval tavern. It will not be easy as there are many things to take care of. The work starts from purchasing the furniture that suits the vibe of the place, hire staff to prepare the real food and beverage for your customers. There are lots of choices for you to pick from, but which option you can select depends on the number of coins that you earn from selling things. Start with simple tables and benches, kitchen tops, stoves and cooking tools, equipment to set up a clean kitchen for you to cook.

Once you get enough basic tools and equipment, start hiring more staff when there are too many guests for you to handle all alone! Let's work together to create the most delicious dishes on the menu in this ABCya4 cooking game and increase the revenue day by day. There will be more space unlocked and new dishes showing up on the menu when you get enough stars and coins later in the game. Do the work of serving different kinds of drinks, cooking food, and constantly upgrade your tavern to attract newer customers. Don't forget that there are 5 different stages with a different goals for earnings and the number of customers.

If you can handle more than 50 customers roaming the place at the same time, you will be just fine. What will your dream tavern look like when you have everything under control? For kids of all ages and adults as well, this game brings the best experience for you in case you want some distractions away from the boring workday. Learn more business tips and tricks in other games like Yummy Waffle Ice Cream and Dr Panda Restaurant from https://abcya4.net/ with your friends and family!

Instructions: Manage and run the tavern using the left mouse.