Tomb Of The Cat

Tomb Of The Cat brings back the classic pixelated games to ABCya game collection with a retro-style arcade feature, where the kids get to explore the hidden tomb with this yellow cat. Guide the cat and find the route to escape the tomb without being lost. The time runs out quickly, so the players need to move fast and locate the route with the best of their techniques.

In order to reach the last level, it's crucial to pass all the previous levels on the board one by one. While moving through the path, you will find that there are plenty of gold pieces scattered. Make sure to collect as many as possible during the journey of finding the way out. Reaching the door before the time runs out will be the key element of winning a stage, so keep your eyes focused on that before trying to gather the gold.

The controlling keys are easy to understand, therefore, the game is suitable for kids of all ages to have fun with their friends in their free time. Enjoy the trip with this yellow cat and learn how to crack all stages without any failure. Keep in mind that the cat can only move along the walls and he can't stop mid-way.

No matter what, don't get caught in the corners and avoid coming into contact with the monsters or deadly spikes scattered in the tomb with no rules whatsoever. More adventurous games like Metal Black Wars are waiting for the brave players here at with the top-notch techniques for online games! Let's see if you can protect the cat through the randomly pop-up traps in the tomb using your flexibility!

How to play:

Use WASD to move the cat and use the left mouse button to interact.