Uppercase Lowercase

Bring out the inner child in you with Uppercase Lowercase, one of the most adorable educational games for kids. This game comes with a vibrant color palette that will not only allow you to learn the letters but also gives you the chance to improve creativity. Thanks to the experience with such a kid-friendly graphic, the kids can become more enthusiastic when it comes to learning new letters.

The game is pretty easy as it's all about to distinguish the differences between the uppercase and the lowercase letters. The faster you learn the mechanism of the game, the more chance you have to show off your skills here at ABCya puzzle land. Scores can be earned by choosing the right uppercase with the given lowercase letters in a fun and quick way. Keep in mind that there will only be one of three options that can be chosen. Only one is correct as well. The longer you play, the better your reflex will become. In order to make it more challenging, the speed of the game will increase accordingly as the words appear and disappear faster. Gather some friends and share the game on your phone or computer anytime as you wish.

There is no limitation on how many times you can replay, so take the time and let the game of letters begin! A tip for newcomers is to take a quick look at the original letter to figure out if it's uppercase or lowercase. Then, pick correctly using the three below options. Don't move too fast or else you might miss out on the words or choose the wrong ones. Here at https://abcya4.net/, all boys and girls are welcome to participate in tons of other games like Sushi Feast and Aviation Art Air Combat Slide with the same puzzle genre.

Controls: Click to choose the right answer.