Zipline Rescue

How excellent your skills are. If you feel confident about your skills, join now in the game Zipline Rescue at abcya4 games to be able to rescue and help a lot of the people of this place. They are being thrown from a very high position. How can you get them down to safety? This is difficult right? But try to help them as much as possible and also bring you a lot of joy in this challenge. You can pull a rope from top to bottom.

Click on the group of people so they can move down one by one. You've completed the level work 20 levels are waiting for you to unlock. With a lot of difficulties, later on, obstacles will appear full of obstacles. Your path is not a straight path from the air to the ground anymore, but it needs to be winding. Overcoming many deadly pitfalls with sharp jagged spins then you can win the game.

Try to safely take the group of people according to the amount given by the game. Unlock a lot more difficulty levels behind and become the top player in the rankings in this quest. Move these ropes through the safest obstacle to get the crowd without a single person. Please observe and use your smart brain tonic to find yourself victories in this game Zipline Rescue at

The road ahead is still very difficult. try to be confident and calm to win altogether. Welcome, a lot of your friends to join this game and bring yourself a lot of fun. Join a few other similar entertaining game genres Jail Breaker and Roof Rails

Control: Use the mouse to be able to bring people safely to the ground.