Blondy Extra

Blondy Extra is the next ABCya styling game for the kids who love a session of a makeover, especially for blonde girls! To create the most dashing and suitable styles for each one, do your best to utilize your fashion experience and coordinating skills to match different pieces together. The final goal is to create styles that other players have never seen before, not only in terms of the color scheme but also in the sense of the vibe.

There's no limitation on which styles you get to pick for which girl. Feel free to tap on the ladies' doors from one to another to start doing their makeover. A list filled with different outfits and accessories is available here in our ABCya wardrobe. Either you can go with the girly styling with floral dresses, cute tops, flowy shirts, and heels, or choose to be dynamic with a set of suits and boots.

From matching jackets to t-shirts, our range of clothing items is wide enough for you to set any pairing that you are looking for. For summer, don't forget that short jeans and crop tops are the highlights! Complete the mission of coming up with the outfits for all girls and continue to explore other styles in more girl games at  when you have free time.

It's a new chance to express your creativeness with outfits combined and accessories chosen. If possible, do your best to make each girl stand out using unique designs with specific items that will put highlight to the overall vibe. Do you know that our girl game list is filled with other similar games such as Celebrity E-girl Fashion, also with fashion themes?

How to play: Click and drag the mouse to choose the