Bubble Shooter Candy 2

One of the long-awaited gaming selections here at https://abcya4.net/ is the second version of Bubble Shooter Candy 2 - one of the most famous bubble shooting games that players enjoyed here! If you have fallen in love with the original game, this unique combination will bring back the thrilling sensation of popping colored balls! The highest scores on the ranking board have been set by other players who tackled this challenge before.

Do your best to meet the requirement on each stage, all of which is to pop the designated candies. Pop all the candies as listed on the board, while managing your scores as tight as possible. You can a row of two or more candies using the technique of hitting them with another candy of the same color. The more candies you pop in one shot, the higher your gained scores will be.

In case you fail to pop any candy in one shot, your turn will be marked as a foul. Do your best to limit the number of fouls that you will be granted during one level so that your scores are not deduced. Keep in mind that if you get a few fouls according to the game's rule, the board will automatically add a new line of candies from the top of the screen as a penalty.

This increases the chance of the stack touching the end line, which will be dangerous and not beneficial to you. Let's learn how to adjust the shooting tactics properly depending on current situations and keep the game going for as long as possible! From ABCya 2022, kids can dive into the world of more games and adventures such as Rope Slash Online or Money Rush.

Controlling keys: Click the left button to shoot the bubbles.