Car Crash Star

Instead of racing through the tracks and trying to get to the final destination within a short time, this game Car Crash Star from ABCya land will focus on the task of posing damage to your opponents on the race tracks! Not only will there be more backgrounds with a variety of graphic design styles but this game also comes with an amazing cartoon 3D-armed list of vehicles for you to explore.

The ultimate objective for all stages in the game is to successfully eliminate all the vehicles of your existing opponents as shown on each available map. The key to survival is to gather more stars and scores from hitting and colliding with the other cars. However, it's crucial to calculate wisely to guarantee that your car doesn't get damaged too severely.

The further you can go with an intact car, the higher your record will be. Feel free to roam the map and learn how to collect beneficial items from different routes. Utilize the gained weapons to damage other cars more. While you are trying to perform a strike, the other cars on the same track will also counterattack and shoot at your vehicles. Stay alert and dodge the attack waves to keep advancing with decent vehicles.

There will be more updates, upgrades, and new items for you to embed into the cars as purchased from the in-game store at, so make sure to pay a visit from time to time to keep your car stable. Plenty of new games with similar-themed gameplay such as Word Search Relaxing Puzzles from the arcade game collection will be good choices for your next gaming session with your online friends!

How to play: Move the car with WASD or arrow keys. Use K and J keys to attack.