Car Wash Rush

Conquering all the steps to generate the best chain of car wash business here in our ABCya new game: Car Wash Rush! In this simple running game for kids, the gameplay is simple enough for the players to grasp the basics in one go. The overall task is to manage the chain of the car wash where the car goes in and gets cleaned through multiple steps. Do your best to scrub out the dirt and make the cars as clean as possible within the turn!

Washing the car clean is required to be done through water with soap. First, arrange the order for the car lining up to come into the machine one by one. Once you get a new one in, start picking out the trashes as they poke out of the vehicles. Wash the cars thoroughly with different steps, from soap to clean water and wiping. Be careful and make sure that you manage to clean all parts of the car.

The windshield, tires, windows, interiors, and even the outside of the car need to be cleaned with great control and precision. The final step is to guide these cars through the clean water tap to make sure that the remaining dirt, soap, and weird items which got stuck will be washed down.

There will be muddy areas here and there with difficulty in reaching if they are at the top spots, therefore, do your best to eliminate them without scratching the vehicles or causing any damage. Do you know that multiple car games with a variety of genres and themes such as Christmas Coloring By Numbers is at your disposal here at without any cost?

How to manage the car wash store:

Click and move the mouse cursor to interact and control the items.