Catch Aliens

Catch Aliens tests the players' skill-based set when it comes to a combination of puzzles and matching themes. This game will easily be one of the most famous games for the fans of the puzzle genre here, with more than just a simple rule and time limit. There are more than 10 levels available, however, the goal remains unchanged. You need to conquer a board filled with different tiles, each with a different alien image.

To clear off the tiles from the board, click on the pairs of tiles that have similar images of the aliens on the board. There will be a list of requirements shown in the panel on the right side. This shall be the guide list that you need to follow and clear off. Once you manage to catch the aliens in every block of the board to complete the game, the challenge will be over.

As the blocks might keep on opening and closing, they shall remain open for a few seconds. Make sure to remember the orders and placements of the pairs so that you can match them as soon as the game starts. In order to clear off one board, make sure to catch all the specified aliens to claim the highest scores possible.

Your final scores are calculated based on the time wasted and the number of sets that you manage to gather, therefore, stay focused and start matching the moment the time starts hitting. Other games like Ball Puzzle and Digger Ball 2 will come with genres and themes that are a tad bit different from your usual puzzle games. Spare some time and check them out without any costs here at!

Controlling keys:

Click on the tiles to select and match.