Circus Jigsaw Puzzle

With the simplest yet addictive gameplay, Circus Jigsaw Puzzle - the new ABCya online game has been one of the top choices among the most popular puzzle games here on our website. Don't hesitate to tap on our new game and see for yourself! The fans of puzzle games will be satisfied with the different images available for matching, as well as three different difficulty levels per image.

You can choose to tackle any image that you like as all of them will include the theme of a circus. There are three chances of tackling the Easy, Medium, or Hard game mode. Choose the suitable mode and tackle the challenge with all your might to set a new record and conquer the Leaderboard which is filled with the most competitive opponents online! Hit this free jigsaw and practice your memorizing skills to enhance it more and more.

Keep your eyes on the six images available and set the goal to clear all six images with animals and clowns embedded in them. Any image will easily become harder when you select the Hard mode, so make sure to clear off even the toughest challenges. Different pieces are placed in different spots, so do your best to move the pieces precisely and avoid mistakes.

The faster you conquer an image, the faster you can unlock more images later. More games like Hamster Stack Maze will be suitable for you if the puzzle and jigsaw genre is your cup of tea. Explore the free collection of games at to practice your gaming skills to the top-notch! Let's see how many scores you can conquer by clearing the hardest jigsaws in this online game for kids!

Controlling keys:

Use the left mouse button to drag and drop the pieces to their positions.