Cooking Mania Express

If you are an excellent cook and can manage a complex kitchen well, this new game of Cooking Mania Express will be an excellent option for your next gaming session! Learn how to prepare the food, chop them into small portions, cook, and serve to the customers in this amazing cooking game ! You will need both fast reflexes as well as memory for ingredients and orders. The goal is to make sure that each customer gets his or her order before they lose patience and that the order will be delicious. Don't miss out on any required ingredient for each dish or else your customer will get mad or return the order.

As it is one of the most engaging fast-paced games of cooking in our collection, you will soon get addicted to the most intense restaurant setting where your talent shines. Utilize the strategy and simulation skills for a fun time and high scores! The more orders you successfully deliver, the higher your scores will be. Move from the first layer of ingredients like lettuce, burger bun, and tomato slices, to the inner filling like the meatloaf, and beef, and don't forget about the delicious smooth sauces! There will be a variety of combinations for one recipe, so memorize them well!

If you haven't tried out such a fast-paced game before, feel free to go through the step-by-step in-game tutorial to understand how it should be done. Guarantee the satisfaction and rating coming from your incoming customers and your business will automatically grow with it. Choose the right sequence of ingredients and don't forget anything. Moreover, we have a wide range of girl games besides cooking themes, such as Yummy Ice Cream Factory or Grandma Recipe Nigiri Sushi with one click on for you to freely explore.